How In the Heck Did I Start a Blog?


Well, the time has come for me, Sophia E. Cleugh, to write my first blog post. This website was originally designed for my portfolio but has been repurposed into my blog for the next eight weeks and beyond. My advanced writing class, fearlessly taught by Professor Kathryn Kuttis at the University of Oregon, aims to get a group of public relations students comfortable with writing in a clear, consistent and sticky manner. What better way to become comfortable than have us crank out two posts a week for the next eight weeks?

I expect this process to be arduous, but I also expect to learn a great deal along the way.

The course requires that this blog must pertain to the field of communications at all times. I plan to focus in on business within the entertainment sect of public relations in hopes of pursuing a career down this path after graduation in the Spring of 2019. Entertainment in and of itself can be a very broad topic because it has the potential to cover everything from film, to music, to events, to television. I would like to be a well-rounded professional and have the ability to produce content on a variety of topics so I will attempt such a feat here.

I want to narrow in on the business aspects of entertainment because business is, quite frankly, something I know very little about. Jargon such as “investment,” “stocks” and “pricing theory” scare me and I think it’s high time I get my hands dirty and figure out a small fraction of business.

As a Los Angeles native, I am very invested in the entertainment industry through personal interest and several dance and art companies that I have been a part of. Because I am usually on the stage or in the spotlight I look forward to analyzing this field behind the scenes, through a communications lens.

Aside from dance I hold a lot of interest in sports which is its own form of entertainment. I gained an interest in sports and athletics in the last couple of years through my involvement on the University of Oregon Cheer Team. When you join a team for your love of dance and entertaining but only perform at sporting events, you evidently learn to appreciate athletics and foster a passion for your school.

As a cheerleader, I have enjoyed a hands-on approach to communicating closely with people in a way that creates lasting relationships. Through my experience on this team I have gained a strong understanding of branding and how to create a positive relationship between a large organization and its publics, as a result of the many performances and charity appearances we have completed.

People refer to the members of my team as the ambassadors of the University of Oregon. This title requires close interaction with fans, children, and charities to create a lasting bond between the UO and its supporters. Businesses, especially those in the entertainment field, must bridge the gap or find their own “ambassadors” to relate to their publics in a way that is comprehensible and inviting. I look forward to unpacking how this happens in the entertainment industry through my first, shiny, new blog.  


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