Kardashians and Crisis

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Every day of the week, I wake up, go to class for a few hours, walk home, make a snack, sit down on the couch and pray that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on E! I, like most of the country despised the Kardashians at first but after ten years of seeing them on TV and everywhere in the media I can’t help but really, truly like them. I look to them for fashion, home décor, recipes and gossip. What’s most interesting is that I actually feel like I am in their family, or at least one of their close friends.

I trust the Kardashians. They have had a lot of scandal in the past ten years but if anything rings true about this family, it is that they have credibility. With every scandal and slip up, they came clean and explained the situation in one way or another. When a scandal involving Blac Chyna and Rob hits the home page of TMZ I know not to wonder about all of the false, juicy details plastered on the tabloids at Safeway because the Kardashians will use the platform of their show to clear everything up.

Because they always come clean I feel like they can influence the way I live my life. I trust Kim’s endorsements, I buy Kylie's makeup line and if I had the funds I would definitely grab a pair of Khloe’s Good American jeans. Their way of coming clean and keeping their credibility is very personal and makes me as a viewer want to keep engaged and endorsing their success.

When Kendall Jenner’s ad with Pepsi failed miserably, she kept quiet about it and took little blame for the insensitive content. How she and her PR team handled the situation right off the bat took me by surprise. I, as a PR student, was shocked her PR team couldn’t come up with anything better than a half-hearted apology and some blame placing. However, months later, an episode of KUWTK revealed Jenner’s true feelings and disappointment about the ad. Her genuine emotions were on camera for all the world to witness. She cried and showed real remorse which earned my trust back.

The Kardashians need credibility in order to be as successful as they are. Because of their celebrity status they — whether you like or not — are thought leaders for our society. How they handle crisis and scandal in their personal way keeps them in touch with their audience, brands, and partnerships.

sophia cleugh