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Photo by altmodern/iStock / Getty Images

Mansplaining, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is the action of a man explaining something to a woman, in a way that they deem sexist and/or condescending.

Example: “Pregnancy. When a friend asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was having some morning sickness, her boyfriend jumped in to tell me that nausea during pregnancy is ‘purely psychosomatic.’ He also informed me that pregnancy brain was a ruse used by pregnant women to get more attention and sympathy.”

Here are 18 other cringey examples so generously provided by Buzzfeed.

Anyway, my dad does it, your dad probably does it, the sales associates in Home Depot do it when you just wanted to ask a quick question about whether you should go with an eggshell or a semi-gloss paint for the guest bathroom you’re renovating. Now — tragically — Mathew McConaughey does it.

On Sunday nights Oscar’s McConaughey got up on stage to present the award for best film editing and uttered the phrase, “literally a magic trick” in reference to film editing. People were perplexed as to whether or not he knew how movies worked or whether or not he knew he was presenting to an audience filled with those film editors… I mean…ahem… magicians. Read more about it in this article by Time. Many took to Twitter in a comedic fashion calling out poor Mathew for his mansplaining and stoner tendencies alike.

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The issue at hand here is that as an actor, an executive or anyone whose primary job is public speaking, using the word, “literally” whilst presenting to the masses doesn’t sound so slick. It lacks a certain je ne sais quoi. It may even destroy credibility.

Don’t get me wrong, as a 20 year-old SoCal native, I use “literally,” “like,” “lol,” “duh” and every other cliché phrase under the sun in my day to day vernacular. But, I am not a top-paid Hollywood A-lister who’s life revolves around memorizing and preparing beautifully crafted language for the world. I’m 20. No one really expects me to be credible. However; the Academy, the audience and everyone watching the Oscars that night expected McConaughey to deliver a reliable synopsis on how film editing happens.

It could have been a fluke or lapse in memory but perhaps he should have prepared a bit more. This PR flub may be a bit too small to expect an apology or acknowledgement out of McConaughey but I do ponder whether or not his team of professionals approached him afterwards. We also can’t forget the fact that it’s live television and flubs, mess ups and chokes are all part of the fun! Cheers Mathew! But please do stop mansplaining…it’s 2018.

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