Florida Virtual School Designated to Aid in Hurricane Maria Relief Effort

 On October 5th, Governor Rick Scott designated Florida Virtual School as the educational institution to aid 20,000 Puerto Rican students impacted by Hurricane Maria. Florida Virtual School will ensure young Puerto Ricans are able to continue their education while displaced from their regular schools. Students can take advantage of this program immediately whether they are located in Puerto Rico or Florida.

Florida Virtual School is the country’s first, official state-wide online public school. The organization provides online education to K-12 students at no charge. All Florida Virtual School courses meet the Florida standards and have recieved accreditation through AdvancED and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. Additionally, all core courses have NCAA approval.

Governor Scott said, “Families in Puerto Rico have experienced extreme devastation of their homes and communities due to Hurricane Maria. As they work to rebuild their lives, these families should not have to worry about their children falling behind in school. In Florida, our schools offer a world-class education, and I am glad that Florida Virtual School has stepped up to help these families as they rebuild their lives. I encourage Puerto Rican families to take advantage of this opportunity and the State of Florida will continue to do all we can to help them during this challenging time.”

All Florida school districts can accept displaced K-12 students in local schools. Many districts have already started and continue to enroll displaced students. Families who would like to enroll a student in a local elementary, middle or high school should contact their local school district.

District contact information is located at http://www.fadss.org/membership/superintendents. Displaced Puerto Rican families who are interested in signing up for Florida Virtual School should contact Liz Chico at (863) 606-8033.

Start of The Sixth and Seventh Avenue Improvement Project Begins Monday, October 16, 2017

 Contractors will begin reconstruction on Sixth and Seventh Avenues to fix present roadbeds and widen both roads up to six lanes. No businesses or residences should relocate as a result of this project. At least two lanes of traffic will remain open on both Sixth and Seventh Avenues during construction and will allow traffic access to adjacent properties at all times.

“The existing roadbeds are in poor condition after being resurfaced many times,” said Project Manager Mack Trucks. Contractors will construct a new foundation and asphalt surface, along with new curbs and gutters for drainage improvement. The project calls for installation of new traffic signals, street lights, and sidewalks constructed along the new roads.

Construction will require the removal of 26 historic while preserving another 26 trees. Workers will plant approximately 600 new trees along the projects new streets.

The project will cost $10.2 million in federal and state highway funds. Voters approved that the construction of the High to Washington Street section will end in 2017, while construction of the Washington to Garfield sections will occur in 2018.

Preliminary plans and statements of impacts are available at the City of Eugene Public Works Department, City Hall II, 858 Pearl Street, 3rd floor. For further information please contact project manager, Mack Trucks, at (541) 687-5290.

Dr. Christy Cleugh Set to Present at The California Consortium for Independent Study Conference Thursday, November 16

 New Digital Education Consultant, Dr. Christy Cleugh, will present an hour-long presentation concerning the blending of digital curriculum into independent study programs at The California Consortium for Independent Study conference on Thursday, November 13 at 3:00 p.m. The annual conference is a statewide affair that promotes compliance through workshop training sessions, meetings with legislators and discussions with key professionals from the Department of Education and Department of Finance.

Dr. Cleugh states that, “The CCIS Conference provides independent study programs with an opportunity to collaborate with other schoolsand it allows FLVS to serve a wider audience in California.” Many other educational and professional organizations will have the opportunity to discuss mutual issues and concerns. The conference commences Wednesday, November 15 at 6:00 p.m. and ends Friday, November 17 at 12:30 p.m.

Formed in 1997 in Concord, California, the California Consortium for Independent Study is a voluntary membership organization comprised of teachers, administrators and counselors who serve independent learners in California’s public school system. As a consortium, they represent over 300 independent study schools and programs across the state, which provide preschool through adult educational programs to over 200,000 learners.

The event is located at Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, California. A schedule of speakers and events can be found at https://ccis.org/conferences/2017-fall-conference-in-rancho-mirage-ca/rancho-mirage-conference-schedule/. For further information regarding the conference and topic at hand please contact Dr. Cleugh at ccleugh@flvs.net or refer to the conference website at https://ccis.org.

Federal Government Issues New Guidelines for Medicare Patients Beginning Monday, October 23

On Monday, October 23, Eugene City Hospital will become the first hospital in Lane County to respond to new guidelines implemented by the federal government for patients insured through Medicare. The Medicare admissions guidelines will examine the severity of illness and intensity of service for patients prior to their admission. The hospital will be monitored by the federal government for compliance.

Medicare has requested that the Eugene City Hospital admits only those who require hospital care. When determined by objective new criteria Medicare patients must now be examined by an admissions nurse before actual admittance can occur. Medicare patients still have outpatient options for care. Approximately 60 out of 1500 patients per year could be affected by these new guidelines according to hospital officials.

Hospital Administrator John Mitchell stresses that “No Medicare patient will be denied admission to Eugene City Hospital when medical need is determined by an attending physician.” Admittance will be based on the severity of illness as indicated by routine vital checks performed by an admissions nurse. If a patient fails to meet the new guidelines for hospitalization Eugene City Hospital provides outpatient alternatives for care including a Medicare certified home healthcare program and a hospice program.

For further information regarding the new guidelines please contact Hospital Administrator John Mitchell by e-mail at ducklips@uoregon.edu  or by phone at (541) 968-7759.