News Release: Medicare


Federal Government Issues New Guidelines for Medicare Patients Beginning Monday, October 23

On Monday, October 23, Eugene City Hospital will become the first hospital in Lane County to respond to new guidelines implemented by the federal government for patients insured through Medicare. The Medicare admissions guidelines will examine the severity of illness and intensity of service for patients prior to their admission. The hospital will be monitored by the federal government for compliance.

Medicare has requested that the Eugene City Hospital admits only those who require hospital care. When determined by objective new criteria Medicare patients must now be examined by an admissions nurse before actual admittance can occur. Medicare patients still have outpatient options for care. Approximately 60 out of 1500 patients per year could be affected by these new guidelines according to hospital officials.

Hospital Administrator John Mitchell stresses that “No Medicare patient will be denied admission to Eugene City Hospital when medical need is determined by an attending physician.” Admittance will be based on the severity of illness as indicated by routine vital checks performed by an admissions nurse. If a patient fails to meet the new guidelines for hospitalization Eugene City Hospital provides outpatient alternatives for care including a Medicare certified home healthcare program and a hospice program.

For further information regarding the new guidelines please contact Hospital Administrator John Mitchell by e-mail at  or by phone at (541) 968-7759.



This news release was an assignment from the Strategic Writing and Media Relations class taught by John Mitchell at the University of Oregon. The course was designed to produce strategic content using appropriate journalistic style and storytelling skills while incorporating ethical practices in media relations. Students were given information about the new medicare guidelines for Lane County hospitals and were tasked with crafting a news release, as the new reforms pertained to Eugene City Hospital. 


sophia cleugh